Fall, football, retreat

Hi Everyone!
Are you ready for some football? The official start of football season HAS to be one of my MOST favorite days of the year! Every year I fully expect my team to go to the Super Bowl- a girl has to have dreams! Although this year is the year 🙂

OK- so you probably want to hear about quilting. I have contacted everyone on the retreat list via email or phone. We could take 1-2 more sign ups if you are interested. I also have about 5 kits left for anyone who did not know they were available. I tried to mention it, but after so many phone calls, I might have forgotten. If you have not paid your final payment, please contact me to do so. I am traveling today, but will be back home tomorrow. I will email the fabric requirements and retreat info (dates, times, etc) to everyone who has paid, tomorrow. I am working from an IPad and will need my computer at home to get the info sent out correctly. 
P.S. – The PSL is back at Starbucks. How did I miss this? It’s not on my diet, but headed there shortly. They do make them in non-fat 🙂

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6 Responses to Fall, football, retreat

  1. Joyce Allen says:

    Is this the one in October ?

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  2. Ely, Janice says:

    Go Rams!!!


    what is a PSL? I don’t drink coffee (yet) but am curious…


  3. Cat Harris says:

    How can i get more info about retreat?


  4. Genie Newell says:

    Raquel, I’d like to be at the fall retreat/Christmas quilt……You said that you have room. Please contact me at Bob’s cell 951 314 5083 or at home 951 582 9543. Look forward to hearing from you and going to the retreat!! Absolutely love the fabric!! If you need anything at all, we’re here for you….you & your family are in our prayers!!! ((BIG HUGS)) Genie


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